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Heat them up! It’s here, it's here, post season is here ladies and gentlemen! First of all, I want to thank everyone who actually took the time to read my rankings throughout the season, following them from website to website, I really enjoyed doing them! Secondly, I want to thank the Mississippi Wrestling Foundation for their continued support as well! These boys have been kicking some major butt this season and as I’ve said multiple times I’ve really enjoying watching all of these young men progress throughout the season. I don’t have a ton to say with this set of rankings, but I'm looking forward to diving into them at some point with Tyler Knox if he ever lets me on his podcast to defend myself. Keep kicking some butt in the room and on the mat and find a local club this off season to continue getting that extra mat time. If you don’t have a local club, talk to your coaches and see if they can help you find one or even start one. More mat time is never a bad thing. I really look forward to an awesome post season and watching some of these hammers get after it. Keep grinding and stay hungry! #sipwrestling


1. Jaiden Gipson, Oxford

2. *Quinton Carroll, Vancleave

3. Gavin Griswold, St. Andrews

4. Carson Hale, North pontotoc

5. Heisman Murphy, Ocean Springs

6. Ace McCracken, Saltillo

7. Johnathan Brewster, Center Hill

8. Tony Brewer, Picayune


1. Colton Parnell, Lewisburg

2. Braden Carroll, Vancleave

3. Zadd Alowdi, oxford

4. Jaiden Green, St. Martin

5. Hunter Woodson, Picayune

6. Kalil Figueroa-Kelly, Center Hill

7. Porter Vaughn, Tupelo

8. Bryce Rainey, Ocean Springs


1. *Gabe Shanks, Ocean Springs

2. Garon Murley, Center Hill

3. Chase Alspaugh, Vancleave

4. Johnny Chatelain, St. Patrick

5. Nicolas Colletti, St. Andrews

6. Gavyn Shaner, Oxford

7. Gage Hit, Lewisburg

8. Aiden Bates, North Pontotoc


1. Logan Bradley, Lewisburg

2. Luke Hale, North Pontotoc

3. *Garner Taylor, Ocean Springs

4. Justin Pierce, East Central

5. Colton Gilbert, Vancleave

6. Brice DiFilippo, St. Patricks

7. Javier Ruiz, St. Martin

8. Kameron Green, Oxford


1. Cooper Warren, North Pontotoc

2. *Lucas Hall, Ocean Springs

3. Logan Daugherty, Vancleave

4. Xander Dock, Center Hill

5. Tripp Nowlin, Saltillo

6. Mark Borgers, Lewisburg

7. Mark Suddeth, Oxford

8. Ethan Vaugn, St. Martin


1. Jared Barr, Ocean Springs

2. Cole Daugherty, Vancleave

3. Joey Fisher, Lewisburg

4. Eli Sheffield, North Pontotoc

5. Darian Champlin, Picayune

6. Charles Campbell, Oxford

7. Chris Ross, St. Martin

8. Ben Duclos, Starkville


1. Tyler Robertson, Lewisburg

2. Anthony Suddeth, St. Martin

3. *Blayne Patrick, Vancleave

4. Jayce Youngblood, North Pontotoc

5. Reid Jones, South Pontotoc

6. Liam Coffey, St. Andrews

7. Jackson Osbourne, Center Hill

8. Justin Squires, French Camp


1. Landon Ward, North Pontotoc

2. *Gabe Beemon, Ocean Springs

3. Jonathan Hopes, Center Hill

4. Garvin Leo, St. Andrews

5. Clay Crane, Tupelo

6. Jayden Hebert, Picayune

7. Seth DeParro, St. Martin

8. Lukas Edwards, Lewisburg


1. *Eli Carwyle, North Pontotoc

2. Hunter Rainer, Vancleave

3. Grayson Baxter, Center hill

4. Haydin Martin, St. Martin

5. Ajay Kolaprath, Picayune

6. Will Picou, Tupelo

7. Austin Morgan, St. Andrews

8. Leekias Nunley, Starkville


1. Maison Kleist, Vancleave.

2. Barrett Dempsey, Center Hill

3. Blake McGloflin, North Pontotoc

4. Cade Desselle, Picayune

5. Artharion Allison, Oxford

6. Parker Bradley, Lewisburg

7. Wyatt Jones, Ocean Springs

8. Juan Talavera, Starkville


1. Frank Stark, North Pontotoc

2. Case Kinkade, Saltillo

3. Johnathan Steele, St. Martin

4. Kumar Houston, Oxford

5. Hunter Hilburn, East Central

6. Thomas Seglio, St. Patricks

7. Elijah Thompson, Ocean Springs

8. Kielon Jones, Center Hill


1. Nate Taylor, Center Hill

2. *Trent Schlosberg, Ocean Springs

3. Randall Wilson, Vancleave

4. Coleman Dowell, Lewisburg

5. Collen Evans, St. Martin

6. Elijah Isgar, St. Patricks

7. Clintarious Shaw, MS School for the Blind

8. Luke Pharr, Oxford


1. Demetrius Farewell Lewisburg

2. Jordan Sherrod, Vancleave

3. Anthony King, Center Hill

4. Alexander Hardy, East Central

5. Bryce Rainier, North Pontotoc

6. Brayden Holley, South Pontotoc

7. Turner Smith, St. Andrews

8. Dustin Karpovich, St. Patricks


1. Caleb Davis, North Pontotoc

2. Lane Hewett, St. Martin

3. Damarious Sanders, Center hill

4. Xavier Smith, Ocean Springs

5. Trenton McNeer, Vancleave

6. Chris Scharklet, Tupelo

7. Noah Gilman, St Patrick

8. Ryan Scott, Saltillo

(*) denote returning state champion.

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